Earrings for Peace

Earrings For Peace

A jewelry design class in Napa, California to help people across the globe. 


Are you ready to combine the fun and celebration of art with a force for good?

Earrings for Peace is a jewelry making class in Napa taught by former professor and artist Mara Adelman. These class profits go to help fund the organization Hands On Global to aid refugees globally. 

100% of profits raised through Earrings For Peace classes go DIRECTLY to aid for refugees!

Continue below for more information, or email Mara now at mara@seattleu.edu to get book your next class!



Host a class in your home, at your office for corporate events, or at the Earrings For Peace Studio

Need an occasion to inspire your next party? Here are some perfect situations to bring Earrings For Peace to your next event!

  • Birthday Parties (Children & Adults)

  • Team Building

  • Ladies Night

  • Bridal Shower Party

  • Family Reunions

  • Mother-Daughter Teas

  • Yoga/Special Groups

  • Book Clubs

Earrings for Peace hosts events at a private studio residence in downtown Napa. We also bring Earrings for Peace to your home or office for corporate events.  The beads that you will be designing with in the classes are a combination of beads that Mara has collected on her travels, as well as selections from Nicolette Stessin's collection of Beadworld in Seattle, Washington. Nikki is a major supporter/teacher for women around the world and has joined with Mara to create Earrings For Peace.

All parties/lessons are customized to exactly what you want, let us design an experience with you!

Email Mara at mara@seattleu.edu to book your class now!

A sample of a pair of earrings made from an Earrings for Peace event!

A sample of a pair of earrings made from an Earrings for Peace event!


What To Expect:

COST:  $25.00 per person (includes one pair of earrings; $12-$18 for additional pairs). Class day/time/location is tailored to your needs. Location is very flexible-- your home, Mara’s studio, or larger venue.  

MATERIALS: All beads are from Mara's around-the-world collection and special bead shows; including the Tuscon Show.  You will be working with the highest quality beads.  All metals used in earrings are allergy free and "Made in USA" (no mystery metals, allergic-type metals). 

MINIMUM #:  We require at least 4 people to create a class.  Bring a crowd! We offer a 10% discount for parties over 6 people.

TIME: 2-hour class, arrangements can be made for a longer class (e.g. women’s party, birthday).

BRING: YOUR FUN  CRAFT-LOVING SPIRIT! You are welcome to bring in outside food/drinks; there is a kitchen attached to studio.


Hands On Global

Hand on Global is a non-profit organization that is headquartered in Helena, Montana.  The director, Valerie Hellermann is a close friend and has given numerous presentations in Napa.  Valerie and Tama (Mara’s sister) are part of medical teams that go to Zanskar, India and Lesbos, Greece.  Their Zanskar Project is to provide medical services to the Dalai Lama’s hospital in Zanskar, serving that last authentic Tibetan community.  The Lesbos, Greece project provides direct medical care to over 7,000 refugees stranded in refugee camps. Their medical teams bring supplies, medications, and medical professionals to these refugee camps. 

By participating in an Earrings for Peace class, you will be helping to provide the Hands On Global initiative with funds to continue their work for good of our global communities in need. 

About Mara


A teacher with a passion for the arts and global communities...

Mara Adelman is a retired professor of communication.  Her passions include art, jewelry, ceramics and piano. She has spent over 17 years traveling, volunteering and working around the world.  During this time, she collected odds and ends to use in jewelry making. She enjoys teaching earring-making as it is a simple, easy, creative hobby that doesn’t require lot of funds, but is great fun. She has taught numerous classes for Napa Adult Education, Dive into Color, and local Napans. 


Design Tips for an

Inspired Class

What you need to consider in designing earrings?  These tips from Mara based on her years of designing earrings to inspire your designs in class!

Image credit: Home DIT

Image credit: Home DIT

Weight:  This is especially important as you do not want too much weight in a earring.  However, you need some weight for some earrings to hang properly.

Length:  I enjoy making long beads, but many people seem to prefer shorter ones.  Long earrings require long necks—so keep this in mind.

Color:  Color is always a challenge in making earrings.  I often refer to color charts to possible combinations.  


Movement:  Do you want dangles?  How much movement do you want in the earring?  Adding a jump ring and then suspending a bead or two adds movement.


Shape: I think of design as a human figure.  Beginners often stack beads with little form—like a figure with no hips, waist, head, etc.  Think about shapes like a triangle, upside-down triangle, a figure with large hips/small head, etc.  

Texture:  This is a great quality.  Glass with metal, paper beads with glass, etc.

Detail 3

Contrast: I love contrast!  I usually use darker beads in the lower-part of the earring—this provides a sense of weight.

Bling:  It is amazing how a silver/gold spacer can lighten-up an earring.  I use these a lot to add bling to an earring. Using various sizes helps to shape the earrings as well.

Finishing Touches:  I usually like to cap an earring top with a small seed bead, helps fit into the loop for the ear piece and provides a tiny topping to the earring.

These are examples of the types of earrings you will make in an Earrings for Peace class!

Donations for

Hands On Global

Join us in being a CHANGE MAKER

Join us in being a CHANGE MAKER

Every Earrings for Peace class brings a difference to somebody's life. By participating in a class, you are allowing us to donate our proceeds to the needs of those served by Hands On Global. 

If you'd like to donate directly to the Hands on Global fund, go here to their donation page. There are also so much need for medical supplies, medicine, and vision care in these areas. Learn more about these needs at the Hands on Global Donation Page as well. 


We're in the news!

The Napa Valley Register featured Earrings for Peace in July, 2018.

The Napa Valley Register featured Earrings for Peace in July, 2018.